Electrolysis in Copper Pipes.

Electrolysis in Copper Pipes.

First, I am sure you are asking what exactly is electrolysis in copper pipes? Here is the technical definition: Electrolysis is defined as “a method of using a direct electric current (DC) to drive an otherwise non-spontaneous chemical reaction. Electrolysis is...
New Home Plumbing Checklist

New Home Plumbing Checklist

Nothing puts a damper on moving into a new home like discovering underlying plumbing problems that could potentially cost you hundreds. Avoid an unnecessary headache by following the home plumbing checklist before you go to the closing table: • Flush the toilet in...
Drain Problems Rooted in Sewer Line

Drain Problems Rooted in Sewer Line

Something you may not often think about is having tree roots in your sewer lines, but it does happen. If left untreated, these roots can cause serious damage and cost hundreds to thousands of dollars to repair.  Here are some ways to tell if you may be affected by...
Running Toilets, Losing Money

Running Toilets, Losing Money

The Most Common Plumbing Problems:  Running Toilet Sometimes getting a toilet to stop running after it’s flushed requires some expert-level jiggling and wiggling of the handle.  If that doesn’t work, repairing this common plumbing problem is a snap and requires little...

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