Nothing puts a damper on moving into a new home like discovering underlying plumbing problems that could potentially cost you hundreds. Avoid an unnecessary headache by following the home plumbing checklist before you go to the closing table:
• Flush the toilet in each bathroom. Look for problem signs like slow drainage or overflowing.
• You’ll want the water pressure in your shower to be adequate. Check to make sure you have at least ¾” pipes from your water source into the home and ½’ or more to faucets.
• The best way to test for water pressure is to turn the water on. Don’t be afraid to let the faucets run for a moment.
• Replacing hot water heaters can get costly. Look for signs of corrosion and ask when it was last serviced. If it seems like it’s on its last legs, ask the sellers to replace.
• Avoid homes with lead pipes. The CDC reports that 1 in 6 children under the age of 6 have a worrisome amount of lead in their blood.
• Check for water damage or leaks in non-visible places like a crawl space or basement

Plumbing problems like leaky pipes or hot water heater repairs aren’t always the end of the world. If you suspect plumbing issues in your home, give a qualified licensed Louisville plumber a call. At ASI we’re available 24/7 to service all of your plumbing needs.

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