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ASI Plumbing provides Collection Basin & Crocks plumbing services in Louisville, KY and surrounding areas. We have established our reputation on building reliable and cost-effective solutions through our team of dedicated plumbers. We strive daily to satisfy our customers by providing full attention to your plumbing needs. Our team of qualified plumbers provide “Service, the way it should be!”

There are multiple types of collection basins or crocks but the most common in the Louisville Kentucky area are sump crocks and sewage ejector crocks. Sump crocks are collection basins designed to collect subsurface water (IE under a basement floor) and clear water discharge from pipes like condensate drains and house a sump pump designed to pump clear water only. Ejector crock is a sealed sewage collection basin designed to collect sewage and greywater from plumbing fixtures below the sewer line. Ejector crocks house an ejector pump which grids soft bioproducts like human waste and toilet paper. The combination of a properly installed ejector crock system will lift the sewage from a lower level up to the sewer level where the waste will then drain via gravity.

Our licensed and insured plumbing specialists are highly trained in using state of the art diagnostic equipment to diagnose your Collection Basin & Crocks issues. Call us today at 502-271-1331, Schedule Online or Request an Estimate!

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