Something you may not often think about is having tree roots in your sewer lines, but it does happen. If left untreated, these roots can cause serious damage and cost hundreds to thousands of dollars to repair.  Here are some ways to tell if you may be affected by roots growing in your sewer lines:

● Sinks or Bathtubs drain slowly

● Gurgling noise coming from the toilet

● Backed up drains

● Toilet overflows

● Wet or soggy ground where sewer lines run

If you’ve tried traditional fixes and are still having issues, these could all mean that your sewer lines have been invaded by tree roots.  Despite the unsightly things that flow through your sewer lines, they are a breeding ground tree roots as they provide water, oxygen, and a plethora of nutrients that help roots grow and expand.  Tree roots can not only clog your pipes, but also cause cracks and loose joints that can eventually lead to even larger plumbing problems.

It is easy to take preventative steps to ensure your sewer lines aren’t invaded.  Before you plant anything, always check where your utility lines are by calling a Before You Dig service and avoide planting in these areas.  Also, consider the following:

● Choose slow growing plants or trees when taking on a landscaping project

● Plant at least 10ft away from any utility lines or sewer lines.

● Larger Trees may need to be planted further than 10ft to avoid their roots hitting your sewer lines.

If you think you might be affected by roots growing in your sewer lines, contact us today and schedule

your appointment.  Don’t forget you can always save 10% by scheduling an appointment online!

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