A faucet leak is one of the most common home improvement problems. From bathrooms to kitchens, worn out washers, seats, o rings, and seals can cause a faucet leak that ranges from inconvenient to catastrophic. Most leaky faucets are within reach of your average homeowner to fix if you have the right tools, though many homeowners choose to call in a professional plumber to ensure the job is done right. Here’s a list of some common faucet leak problems and how to fix them.Faucet Repair Louisville KY

The Compression Faucet Leak

The first step of identifying any leaky faucet is figuring out what type of faucet you have. Compression faucets are older, though still fairly common. They generally consist of a faucet with two knobs, one for cold water and one for hot. When the knobs are turned open, the faucet is opened and water is allowed through. These faucets tend to fail when the washers on each knob fails. To fix these faucets, you’re usually looking at a simple washer replacement.

The Washerless Faucet Leak

The other type of faucet that is common in most households is of the washerless variety, though the term “washerless” is a bit misleading. These faucets still have washers of different varieties, but they also have a host of other components that allow them to operate and that can fail and cause leaks. These types of faucets include ball faucets, disk faucets, and cartridge faucets. While washerless faucets are generally more reliable and last longer than compression faucets, fixing leaks in them can also be more of a challenge.

Whether you plan to fix your faucet leak yourself, or prefer to hire a professional to come solve your problem for you, it’s a good idea to call a plumber to help you address your problem. Most plumbers will be happy to walk you through a simple faucet repair on the phone, giving you basic guidelines and outlining the tools and parts you’ll need to get the job done right. And if you’re not into do-it-yourself repairs, they’ll be more than happy to come out and take care of your faucet leak for you.

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