Faucet Repair in Louisville, KY

ASI Plumbing provides Faucet Repair services in Louisville, KY and surrounding areas. We are BBB Accredited and guarantee we will do the best job for you in a professional and courteous manner.

Faucets are an important part of everyday life and dripping faucets can be annoying and cost you in wasted water. Various things can go wrong with faucets, from leaks to noise. Occasionally a faucet will need to be replaced altogether to fix the issue. We can fix a leaking faucet in your bathroom sink, kitchen, shower, tub or outside spigot. We make it easy for you to schedule an appointment online for Faucet Repair, do so and save an additional 10%!repair-a-leaky-faucet-368

Clogged Faucets

Faucets frequently become clogged after a while, leading to issues like spraying from the spout or low water pressure. When repairing these problems it is typically easy and require inexpensive parts.

Noisy Faucets

Many issues can make noise come out from a faucet when it is turned on. It is the kind of sound that the faucet makes that helps diagnose the issue. Repairs can be as simple as a washer replacements or more difficult such as disassemble and repairing the faucet.

Leaking Faucets

If your faucet has a drip or is leaking water from the base, this can cause staining and warping to your fixtures and lead to even more repairs. The repair depends on the severity of the leak.

Broken Faucets

If your faucet is broken, issues from the damage can lead to greater problems. The extent of the repair typically depends on the part that is broken. More easily, the handles and sprayers can be replaced, but if the faucet is broken it will need a lot more repairing and maybe even a replacement.

Loose Faucets

Faucet handles can become loose over the years with normal use. If this happens, a repair or replacement may be needed. Typically, a faucet repair is not severe.

Whether you need a faucet installed or repaired, call ASI Plumbing today for Faucet Repair and see us “Service, the way it should be!”