Similar to anything else in your home, plumbing can break down at any time. However, it is not hard as you may think to be prepared for plumbing emergencies. ASI Plumbing would like to provide you with the following tips.

Know Your Plumbing

The plumbing system in your home should have a series of emergency shutoff valves. We recommend that you find, identify, and tag these valves so that you can be familiar with their location in case of an emergency.

Kitchen Shutoff Valves

Below your kitchen sink, you should find shutoff valves for both the hot and cold water. In some cases, the valves may be below the kitchen in the basement, or they could be installed both below the sink and also in the basement.

Bathroom Valves

In your bathroom, there are valves for the lavatory, toilet, and bathtub. The lavatory valves usually can be found below the fixture. Tub valves can be in the basement or behind an access plate behind the faucet controls behind the decorative cover. The toilet has a single cold water valve, normally installed below the water tank.

Main Shutoff Valves

The water line coming in from the street is often connected to the water meter, followed by a master shutoff valve for the entire home. By closing this valve, you will shut off the water throughout the house. This is an instant action for serious emergencies.

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