Don’t fall victim to costly repairs caused by frozen pipes.

Residents of Louisville, KY know the weather here is unpredictable at best. With summer coming to a close, the Kentucky winters we know (and love) so well are right around the corner.  When the sun is shining and the heat outside is sweltering, preparing for winter is the last thing on anyones mind, but by taking some small precautions now, you could save yourself from a major plumbing problem later that could require expensive repairs.  One of the costliest plumbing problems to homeowners in the winter is frozen pipes that burst due to frozen water trapped in them when the temperature drops.

Even the tiniest leak can be catastrophic in cold temperatures. Create yourself a plumbing winterizing checklist to quickly and efficiently protect your indoor and outdoor plumbing, from sub-freezing temperatures.  A good place to start is by checking your pipes for existing leaks.  ASI Plumbing can assist in making sure all your plumbing pipes are in good working order and leak free.   Plumbing pipes can be in your attic, garage, basement or crawlspace.  No plumbing pipe should be exposed, but instead should be covered with insulating foam.  ASI Plumbing can locate all plumbing pipes for you and discuss insulation and installation of plumbing pipe wrap to protect your plumbing against inconvenient and destructive plumbing pipe bursts.  Outdoor faucets, hose bibs and pipes are even more critical in protecting from the cold.  Hoses should not be left connected to the faucets during cold seasons.  If you have a sprinkler system it needs to be winterized too.

One final thing to note is the location of your water main in the event of a water emergency. If the worst happens and the water needs to be shut off quickly, knowing how to respond and immediately ensure the water is shut off quickly can be the difference in a minor problem and a major one.


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