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The toilet is one of the most important features in your home. Even though toilets are sturdy and dependable parts of the plumbing system, it is unlikely that a homeowner never has any issues with their toilet.

How Does A Toilet Work?

Toilets made up of of two parts, the bowl and the tank. The bowl is the portion of the toilet that sits on the floor. It has a bowl siphon at the bottom which lets waste be flushed away.

The tank is typically on top of the bowl. The tank is what holds the water to let you to flush. When the handle is pushed, it allows the water from the tank to go into the bowl. The water then levels itself within the trap of the toilet. It is called a trap because the water is literally trapped. As the water starts to level itself out, it sends all of the waste through the “S” trap where it then drops into the drain line on the opposite side.

Common Toilet Problems

Running Toilet

The most common toilet problem is a running toilet. Toilets are made with a float system inside that makes sure that the same amount of the water in your tank stays consistent. At the bottom of the tank is a valve. The valve keeps the water in the tank until you flush. When you are flush, the valve is then opened and it will let all of the water that was in the tank to rush into the bowl.

The valve is made of rubber, which means that it can start to decay over time. Occasionally the rubber will start to get hard and will distort. In either situation, the valve will no longer seal properly which then lets the water out of the tank and into the bowl even if you never flushed. The float device in the tank will let the water keep running until the tank is full, which will in turn make your toilet run forever.

Broken Flush Handle

Another issue found with toilets is often the flush handle itself. The handle gets used multiple times a day, and because they are usually made of plastic, they can easily break.

Toilet Bowl

Additionally, water leaking out onto the floor from the base of the bowl is another issue and  symptomatic of a few various problems. There is a chance that it means the toilet has cracked, but it is unusual that you wouldn’t notice that this happened.

Typically, this type of leak is caused by a defective wax ring. If the toilet is not properly attached to the floor, it will move a tad whenever someone should sit on it. After a while, this slight rocking will make the wax ring become loose.

If you are having issues with your Toilet, call ASI Plumbing for Toilet Repair at 502-271-1331.

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