Slab Leak


Slab Leak Repair Louisville, KYIf you’re living in a slab home and have recently experienced any of the following issues, then maybe it’s time to call the Slab Leak specialist at ASI Plumbing!

Broken, leaky pipelines in your home’s foundation, or “slab”, are nothing to ignore. With the potential for major water damage to your house and belongings if you suspect a leak get it checked out immediately. If you live in a slab home and are experiencing any of the following then you may have a slab leak.

  • Change in water pressure
  • Sudden higher water bills
  • Hot spots on the floor
  • Odd Odors

We have the equipment that can quickly locate the problem, offer you solutions to repair it and even work with your insurance company directly if needed.

So stop paying higher water bills and protect the value of your home by calling the ASI Plumbing Slab Leak specialists today!

Dust Free Concrete Removal

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checkDust Free Concrete removal
checkWe will work directly with your home owners insurance adjuster if needed.
checkWe Have Over 20 years experience locating and repairing slab leaks.
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